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Everything you can imagine is real.
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Bespoke Technolgy: we can build to your specific requirements.

Most hi-tech products today utilize open plugin architecture allowing PortraitBoard™ to interact with, monitor, or control other systems on your network or over the internet.

If you have a specific system, automation gadget, or even a connected car, we may very well be able to integrate your PortraitBoard™ to meet your needs.

We have a small, but smart team of developers that will work with you throughout the development process. Just let us know your idea, and we can provide a quote.

Be sure to click on the Tesla example here to get just one idea of how PortraitBoard can be used with other products and technologies.
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I'm sure you have heard of (or may even own a) Tesla, but did you know nearly every aspect of the vehicle is captured in real-time?

That data can be very useful to display on a PortraitBoard™. In this example, we are displaying:
  • Battery level
  • Range
  • Battery status
  • Current speed
  • HVAC status
  • Power status
Certainly more data could be displayed, but this is just to give you an idea what can be done with PortraitBoard™

Let us know your ideas; we would love to help bring about your dreams!
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Bespoke Functionality Example
(click to learn more)


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Have an idea? It's likely other ProtraitBoard™ owners might have a use for it too!

The best ideas come from our PortraitBoard™owners...and their friends!

We've thought of a lot in PortraitBoard™, but certainly not everything. If there is something you would like PortraitBoard™ to do that it does not do today, it's likely that there are others who would want it as well.

With our crowd-sourced development, we can spread the development with other PortraitBoard™ owners who want to share in the cost.

Just give us your idea, and we will see if other PortraitBoarders want to opt in.


Bring Your Own Developer

...For the very techical application.

Already have a web app or a cloud-based application?

It is likely we can integrate it into your PortraitBoard™.

We can locally host your Node.JS, Angular, PHP, Python, etc. on PortraitBoard™, or you can use your own onsite or remote server.

Just send us a note, and we can connect you with our dev team to determine the best solution to meet your needs.
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